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From logos and branding materials to marketing collateral and social media graphics, we take pride in every detail of our graphic design process, ensuring that our clients' designs not only look stunning, but also effectively communicate their message.

At Halftone Digital, we believe that effective creative graphic design is all about creating visual media that engages and resonates with the target audience. Whether it's a poster design, a logo, a social media graphic, or any other type of digital or graphic design project, our goal at Halftone Digital is to create visually stunning and effective designs that meet the needs of our clients and help their businesses succeed.

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Our design projects

you can see just a few examples of the design projects we have completed for our clients. Take a look to see the diversity and creativity of our work, and get inspired for your own design project with Halftone Digital.
Spark Ipswich

Spark Ipswich

Enrich Community Services
Branding | Logo design | Graphic Design | Printing

Enrich Community Services

Enrich was looking a brand identity to highlight their point of difference of offering a range of services to help with social inclusion, employment, goal setting, education and community participation while providing an inclusive, LGBTQI+ friendly environment for people with disabilities.
Ipswich Central Partnership
Branding | Web Design

Ipswich Central Partnership

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