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A cut out photo of Robert Wolski

This is my
Dog Marceline

A headshot of a Pug in a old English style hat

A Proud Darumbal Man.

Having spent a lot of my childhood in community in the Northern Territory and Far North Queensland; I find my Aboriginality important to my self-image and am always looking for ways to incorporate it into my personal and professional life.

A Proud Darumbal Man.

An array of talent.

I am lucky enough to have had a group of fantastic mentors at Queensland Fire from the beginning of my career. They turned my interest in photography into a passion for anything Adobe.

I've done plenty of events and one offs';
I've also been given control over the photography over whole social campaigns, take a look below at:

2020 NAIDOC socials campaign for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services
PhotoPhotoA thumbnail for the Strategic Content Services


A thumbnail for a video ad for Halftone DigitalPlay button
Halftone Digital ad:
A Video created to highlight Halftone's experience.
Play buttonA thumbnail for an animated video for QFES
2018 Bushfire statistics: Made to highlight the effect of the 2018 fires.


Play buttonA thumbnail for a QFES Video
Naidoc & QFES recruit showreel: This video highlights some of the vision I captured for NAIDOC videos for social and internal recruit videos
Play buttonA thumbnail for a video highlight QFES
Highlighting EMVCR:
A corporate video made to highlight EMVCR's work done throughout the year of 2018.
Play buttonA thumbnail for the Strategic Content Services
Strategic Content Team Explained: This video's intention is to explain to its clients what the team at QFES does.
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Career highlights and the story of how I got to where I am.

Take this an an opportunity to grab a snack or some coffee because this is needlessly long.

Early 2017
Started studying a Batchelor of Fine Arts at Queensland University of Technology, Majoring in Film and Screens & Minoring in CGI Animation.

And reluctantly started working at Red Rooster.
A logo for QUT
Late 2017
Started an internship at Queensland Fire & Emergency Services as an assistant producer.
Rob's first time in live fire training
Early 2018
Started ao4 level role at QFES as a Producer & worked on the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Traveling between Brisbane and the Gold Coast to capture vision of the lead up to the Commonwealth games. Following the games edited a long form informational video for the Australian Government to contribute to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

The QFES team talking a photo with the Commonwealth Games Batton
Late 2018
Quit working at Red Rooster to focus on Freelancing.
A cake celebrating Robert's departure from Red Rooster
Portrait of Robert

“Keep your dead chickens”

Robert, ex-employee of Red Rooster

Early 2019
Won the 'Project Excellence' award at the 2019 CareerTrackers for my work during the 2018-2019 Bush Fires.
A photo of the 'Project Excellence' trophy Robert won
Mid 2019
Got creative to highlight the past 12 months of the EMVCR

A corporate style video made to highlight EMVCR's work done throughout the year of 2018 to 2019. Animated titles and images keep the video freshuntil the video ends on a more emotional note with the 2018/2019 QLD Bushfires.

Late 2019
Fully lead a project to highlight the strategic media team at QFES

From scripting, to interviewing then all the way through filming and editing. This was the first project I manned the wheel at 100%, all steps along the way.

Mid 2020
Planned and Conducted QFES' 2020 Naidoc campaign.

A series of Facebook posts and a video to tell the stories of five indigenous employees across the different departments during Naidoc week.

Late 2020
Starts working with Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council to construct a video presentation to Rio Tinto and LGAQ.
A photo of the LGAQ Conference
Commences work at Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.
Early 2021
Graduates at Queensland University of Technology with a completed Bachelor.
A photo of Robert graduating
Late 2021
Co-founded Halftone Digital with Sasha Hickson

And now you're all caught up, just incase you're unsure though;

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