Empowering Startups, Fostering Innovation: Welcome to Ennovate’s Collaborative Ecosystem

Fostering Internal Connection & Innovation Within Ennovate: Entain's Vibrant Startup Ecosystem

Ennovate, Entain's thriving startup ecosystem where innovation meets connection, providing a supportive space for founders ready to embark on a transformative venture journey. Ennovate isn't just a home for startups; they are are a community of like-minded people driven by the challenge to solve current problems with impactful technology and design. With Ennovate, startup teams secure more than just a space – they gain access to an extensive network of ecosystem supporters from across Australia, benefiting from a culture that values collaboration, growth, and the development of groundbreaking solutions. Whether you are looking to build, grow, or scale, Ennovate offers the opportunity to make significant strides within the tech landscape, delivering products that truly resonate and improve the future of entertainment and beyond. Join us, and let’s create, thrive, and deliver value together, staying always up-to-date and ready for the next innovation challenge!

Creating a Vibrant Digital Presence for Ennovate: Halftone Digital was approached with a pivotal task: crafting a distinctive landing page for Ennovate, an innovative workspace and startup community spearheaded by Entain.
The challenge lay in designing a webpage that was not only lightweight and responsive but also capable of seamlessly integrating with a Content Management System (CMS) for effortless article and blog posting. In addition to these features, there was a necessity for a dedicated members’ section within the site. While the vibrant branding was proficiently handled by Studio Dugong, we were entrusted with encapsulating and bringing to life the distinctive 90’s flair embodied by Ennovate’s brand identity.
A Dynamic, Image-Centric Webflow Site with a Retro Twist: Responding to the unique demands of the project, Halftone Digital devised a solution rooted in visual appeal and functional finesse: a Webflow website. The site was designed to be image-focused, providing a visual tour of the dynamic spaces within Ennovate, while allowing room for future enhancements and functionalities to be integrated as needed.
In alignment with the bold, nostalgic branding created by Studio Dugong, the website embraced a vibrant 90s aesthetic. This retro vibe was meticulously brought to the digital canvas through the use of JavaScript animations, including mouse-driven animations that activated various branding elements on the first fold of the desktop site, offering users an interactive and engaging visual experience right from the start.



Ennovate: Welcome to a Culture of Innovation and Job Opportunities

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