Spark Ipswich
Igniting Artistic Passion in Ipswich's Premier Cultural Event

SPARK Ipswich: A Festival of Grandeur & Diversity

Spark Ipswich represents the evolution of the Ipswich Festival, celebrated over 11 days annually. This revamped festival is a tribute to its two-decade legacy while injecting a renewed vigour, emphasising arts, culture, and community involvement. The festival takes over the entire City of Ipswich, with events unfurling from Ipswich Central to Springfield and Ripley. Designed to both resonate with the local community and draw in visitors, SPARK focuses on mirroring the distinctive culture of Ipswich City and presenting a canvas for artistic brilliance.

Spark Ipswich need branding created to represent the festival bit it a large festival with many different events created some complexities to provide a core brand over the sub-branded events
With a vast array of events under its banner, each possessing its unique sub-brand, SPARK IPSWICH presented a branding conundrum. How do you create a core brand identity that resonates with a myriad of sub-brands without overshadowing them? Furthermore, how do you encapsulate the essence of Ipswich as a cultural destination and cater to its diverse events, ensuring consistency and distinction?
A flexible yet defining brand.
To navigate the intricate landscape of the SPARK Festival and its various sub-brands, we formulated a brand with an emphasis on strong typography. Our chosen mono-black and white colour palette not only afforded the brand the flexibility to gel with other sub-brands but also provided a timeless elegance. This robust typographic approach ensured that while SPARK IPSWICH stood tall as the core brand, it could seamlessly blend with the myriad of events under its umbrella. The resulting brand was versatile, adaptive, and emblematic of the festival's grandeur.

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