Embracing natural design.

NutriKane: Embracing Natural Design

Natural goodness, backed by science. NutriKane products have been proven scientifically to help manage specific health conditions. They work by feeding the microbiome and as a Food-as-Medicine approach.

Nutrikane needed a photography refresh to bring some more natural and human elements into their existing product imagery that was largely sterile. We played with the existing product colour palettes, natural backgrounds and more lifestyle imagery to appeal to a health-conscious audience.
Ipswich City’s heritage is a rich tapestry of First Nations culture, European influences, and diverse global imprints. However, the challenge lay in celebrating this multifaceted history while ensuring it resonated with the modern-day, diverse audience. How do you make heritage engaging, especially for younger generations, while retaining the older, more traditional audience? Furthermore, there was a desire to infuse more vibrancy into the festival by introducing new social events.
Branding with history at its core.
Drawing inspiration from Ipswich's metalworking past, we crafted a brand identity rooted in vintage typography. This design not only paid homage to the region's industrial history but also presented it in a fashion that felt current and enticing. To ensure the brand’s longevity and adaptability, a comprehensive brand guide was developed. This guide, while resonating with a vast demographic, was flexible enough to accommodate changing imagery year on year, ensuring Galvanized's fresh appeal with every edition.

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Capturing Wellness in a Frame: Photographing Nutrikane's Symphony of Health Benefits
Capturing the essence of Nutrikane products through photography is a journey into the heart of natural wellness and scientific validation. The products, celebrated for their ability to lower and control blood sugar levels, gleam with promises of a healthier life, infused with essential micronutrients and dietary fibre. When you photograph Nutrikane, you are not just framing a product; you're showcasing a scientifically proven ally for maintaining optimal blood sugar and body mass index. The vibrant natural orange flavour, depicted in your images, speaks to the taste buds, inviting consumers to envision a delightful, nutritious addition to their yoghurt or smoothies, introducing a burst of taste without unnecessary acidity, thanks to the careful balance of citric acid. Each shot taken highlights not just a dietary supplement, but a prebiotic that supports a healthy microbiome and intestinal function, with clinical trials as its robust foundation. In every photograph, the essence of sugarcane-derived Nutrikane whispers the tales of natural food supplement's potency and purity, making each image not just visually appealing but also a narrative of health and wellbeing.
Unleash the power of Nutrikane with our dynamic duo: Nutrikane R and Nutrikane D (185g). Both supplements are designed to optimize your health and vitality from the inside out. Nutrikane D, available in 185g packs, offers 28 wholesome serves that provide essential nutrients and dietary support, ensuring that you meet your daily nutritional needs effortlessly. Nutrikane D 185g is your daily dose of wellness, infused with key ingredients to promote energy, immunity, and overall balance.
For those looking for specialized health solutions, meet Nutrikane R and Medikane. Nutrikane R is renowned for its innovative formula that supports physical health while contributing to your dietary management effectively. On the other hand, Medikane is a breakthrough in medical nutritional support, while Nutrikane J is our latest addition to the Nutrikane family, designed to offer specific health benefits. Together, the Nutrikane line, along with Medikane, offers a comprehensive approach to health and well-being, making it easier for you to lead a fulfilling, active life. Whether you are looking to boost your day-to-day nutrition or seeking support for medical nutrition, the Nutrikane and Medikane range has a tailored solution for you.
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