Crafting Compelling Video Content to Showcase Opportunities at JBS Australia

A Film Project for JBS Australia: Increasing JBS Jobs in Ipswich QLD Dinmore Processing Facility

Under the banner of increasing employment opportunities at the JBS Australia's Ipswich QLD Dinmore Processing Facility, our film project endeavors to cast a spotlight on the promising career paths available within the company. Through engaging visual storytelling, the film aims to draw attention to the dynamic roles at the facility while celebrating the brand's commitment to quality, innovation, and community engagement in the meat processing sector.

At the heart of the action is JBS Australia's Dinmore plant, a division of JBS renowned for its innovation and hard work, where new opportunities await eager applicants. It’s a great time to join the team at our head office, as we they currently seeking rendering labourers and recruiting for boners, slicers, and slaughter persons to fill positions across the boning room during the bustling afternoon shift. As the second-largest plant in the Southern Hemisphere, the facility operates five strategically placed processing plants, focusing on value-added products while providing access to an extensive network of quality cattle. If you’re looking to align with a leading brand today, explore the myriad of roles available at the largest beef trade group, where every day brings challenges and rewards in equal measure.

InCahoots enlisted our expertise for an important mission: the need for a compelling recruitment marketing campaign designed to boost JBS's employee numbers. With a focus on creating content that was not only magnetising for new talent but also a true reflection of JBS's lively and dynamic culture, the initiative was set in motion. Spearheaded by InCahoots, the campaign's linchpin was a short video destined for deployment as a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisement.
When InCahoots approached, they were armed with a vision: an energetic marketing campaign that could effectively draw new talent to JBS by showcasing its vibrant culture and promising career opportunities. The campaign, driven by a meticulously crafted short video and amplified through PPC advertising, was planned not only to attract active job seekers but to captivate the attention of passive candidates as well, serving as a beacon calling talented individuals to explore the opportunities within JBS.
Engaging Visual Storytelling Meets Targeted PPC Ads. Our approach was twofold: engaging potential candidates through authentic piece-to-camera interviews and offering a behind-the-scenes glance at JBS's full production line through captivating B-Roll footage.
This powerful visual storytelling, paired with strategically optimised PPC advertisements, guaranteed that the campaign efficiently connected with both active and passive job seekers. The resulting visual content, a tapestry of carefully curated images and videos, opened a window into the thrilling, opportunity-rich environment at JBS, inviting talents to step in and commence a rewarding career journey. Every piece of content was meticulously designed, mirroring JBS's commitment to fostering employee growth and satisfaction while encapsulating its core values and ethos.

Two-Camera setup
Professional Audio Capture
Location Scouting
B-roll Capture
Colour Grading


Full production video piece
Multiple short video content
Animated logo
Raw B-roll
Data Wrangling

JBS Australia invites dedicated individuals to join our dynamic team at the JBS Dinmore Plant, the beacon of meat and food processing excellence located in the heart of Ipswich, Queensland. As part of JBS Australia’s Northern Division, the Dinmore plant stands as Australia’s largest meat and food processing company, operating under the renowned banners of JBS Carriers and Primo Foods. This sprawling facility is not just a workplace; it's a hub where innovation, hard work, and meticulous craftsmanship come together to create value-added products that are synonymous with quality and taste. With new jobs available, we are actively seeking rendering labourers to fill a number of positions across various departments, including the boning room, hide plant, and kill floor departments, offering an unparalleled opportunity to progress your career with a leading brand.
The JBS Dinmore Plant, strategically nestled in Ipswich region, is the jewel in the crown of JBS Australia’s Northern Division, playing a pivotal role in the expansive network that includes five strategically placed processing facilities as well as five feedlots across Queensland and New South Wales. As we continue to grow, JBS Dinmore is on the lookout for enthusiastic team members ready to contribute to our legacy of excellence. Whether you are based in Ipswich, Riverina, or anywhere in Australia, consider this your call to join the JBS family, contributing your skills and passion to a team that operates the second-largest meat company globally. Engage with a network of professionals dedicated to ushering in new levels of success and innovation in beef processing, and seize the opportunity to work with some of Australia's most cherished beef brands. Join us on the afternoon shift, and let’s craft a future of delicious possibilities together!
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