Ipswich City Mechanical
Breathing new life into a flourishing business through web design.

Ipswich City Mechanical: Modernizing the Digital Storefront

Ipswich Central Partnerships stands as a testament to the power of collective effort. Originating from the very heart of Ipswich, this grassroots initiative unites government representatives, local stakeholders, and the community under one banner. Their mission? To inject life, character, and vibrancy into central Ipswich through impactful placemaking projects.

Refresh an established and business’ website without disrupting the already preforming SEO success through an established user base and back catalog of Blogs
A website serves as the digital storefront for any business. Ipswich City Mechanical had an existing online presence, but it felt like an old engine in a modern car. Mismatched pages, an antiquated design language, and a not-so-user-friendly navigation created bottlenecks in user experience. Furthermore, while their SEO game was strong, any misstep in the redesign could risk their hard-earned online visibility.
Create a much sleeker and responsive website while upgrading from Wordpress to Webflow.
We conceived a fresh, sleek design that resonated with the progressive ethos of Ipswich City Mechanical. A standout feature was the integration of a Lottie animation on the website's header. This not only showcased their primary services in an engaging format but also singled their commitment to modern technological solutions in their domain. We restructured the site's architecture, ensuring intuitive navigation and a consistent layout. Every page, every link was optimised, ensuring both visual harmony and SEO strength.

CMS analysis
Website Structure research
Industry Research


Responsive WEB DESIGN
Cms Guidelines
CMS Migration
Consistent Design System
LOTTIE Integration
Integration connection

Revved Up for the Future
A pivotal part of Ipswich City Mechanical’s SEO success was a correct implementation of industry Blogs. Our migration of these blogs into webflow allowed ICM to continue to do what they do best by writing informative blogs with a fresh coat of paint!
In the age of digital evolution, Ipswich City Mechanical now stands with a website that's as modern as their approach to mechanics. It's not just a platform to display services; it's a testament to their commitment to innovation and their continuous drive towards the future of mechanical services.
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