Ipswich Central Partnership
Defining placemaking and community connection through human-centric branding.

Ipswich Central Partnership: Revitalizing Central Ipswich

Ipswich Central Partnerships stands as a testament to the power of collective effort. Originating from the very heart of Ipswich, this grassroots initiative unites government representatives, local stakeholders, and the community under one banner. Their mission? To inject life, character, and vibrancy into central Ipswich through impactful placemaking projects.

Ipswich Central Partnerships is a dedicated group of community members who needed a brand that wasn’t just recognisable, but also versatile.
When your ethos is built on collaboration and community spirit, creating a brand identity that encapsulates these values becomes a challenging endeavour. Ipswich Central Partnership had to mirror the essence of community-driven placemaking, reflect city pride, and be both approachable and accountable. Furthermore, the brand needed to be user-friendly, enabling community members to effortlessly adapt and employ it for their individual events.
Branding with a human touch.
We sought to establish a brand that resonated on a personal level - one that felt genuine, warm, and approachable. We envisioned a brand identity that community members could view as an extension of themselves. To ensure seamless integration and consistent brand portrayal across various events, we developed comprehensive design guidelines. These guidelines were crafted to empower and guide any group member in creating and deploying brand assets, fostering a sense of unity and collective ownership.

Stakeholder collaboration
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Brand Identity
Brand Guidelines
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The Imperative of Branding for Non-Profits:
For many, the term "branding" evokes images of corporate logos and advertising campaigns, often overlooking its profound significance in the non-profit realm. For non-profit organisations, branding transcends mere aesthetics; it's a potent tool that serves as the foundation for trust, recognition, and credibility. A well-defined brand aids in articulating an organisation's mission, values, and impact, enabling them to connect more deeply with their audience. It becomes the beacon that guides all communications, ensuring consistency and authenticity in messaging.
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