Galvanized Festival
Revitalising heritage: A modern take on Ipswich City's rich past

Galvanized Festival: Celebrating Ipswich's Rich Tapestry

Galvanized stands as Ipswich City's prime heritage festival, unfolding across 11 days in August and September. It serves as a nostalgic journey through time, inviting patrons to immerse themselves in iconic venues, historic sites, cultural events, open days, demonstrations, and workshops.

It had been three years since we had created the brand for Galvanized Festival. Their annual festival was recognisable in the community but as their branding hadn’t been updated they came back to us to for us to breath new live into the brand. They were once again asking us to define them while marrying their cultural homage to a modern appeal.
Ipswich City’s heritage is a rich tapestry of First Nations culture, European influences, and diverse global imprints. However, the challenge lay in celebrating this multifaceted history while ensuring it resonated with the modern-day, diverse audience. How do you make heritage engaging, especially for younger generations, while retaining the older, more traditional audience? Furthermore, there was a desire to infuse more vibrancy into the festival by introducing new social events.
Branding with history at its core.
Drawing inspiration from Ipswich's metalworking past, we crafted a brand identity rooted in vintage typography. This design not only paid homage to the region's industrial history but also presented it in a fashion that felt current and enticing. To ensure the brand’s longevity and adaptability, a comprehensive brand guide was developed. This guide, while resonating with a vast demographic, was flexible enough to accommodate changing imagery year on year, ensuring Galvanized's fresh appeal with every edition.

Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Stakeholder Collaboration
Iterative Design


Brand identity
Brand Guidelines
Colour Palette Development
Asset Creation
Quarterly Guide Layouts

Creating a brand that can Adapt to the Festival's Evolution
Recognising the magnitude and diversity of the Galvanized festival, it was essential to have a robust brand guide that could anchor the festival's identity yet remain adaptable. This comprehensive guide was meticulously crafted to appeal to a broad spectrum of attendees, from younger enthusiasts to seasoned heritage lovers. Moreover, the guide was designed with future-forward flexibility, ensuring that as the festival's themes and imagery evolve year after year, the brand remains consistent, relevant, and engaging.
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