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A cut out photo of Robert Wolski

This is my
Dog Marceline

A headshot of a Pug in a old English style hat

A Proud Darumbal Man.

Having spent a lot of my childhood in community in the Northern Territory and Far North Queensland; I find my Aboriginality important to my self-image and am always looking for ways to incorporate it into my personal and professional life.

A Proud Darumbal Man.

An array of talent.

I am lucky enough to have had a group of fantastic mentors at Queensland Fire from the beginning of my career. They turned my interest in photography into a passion for anything Adobe.

I've done plenty of events and one offs';
I've also been given control over the photography over whole social campaigns, take a look below at:

2020 NAIDOC socials campaign for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services
PhotoPhotoA logo for a business in Ipswich called Homage


Halftone Digital ad:
A Video created to highlight Halftone's experience.
2018 Bushfire statistics: Made to highlight the effect of the 2018 fires.


Naidoc & QFES recruit showreel: This video highlights some of the vision I captured for NAIDOC videos for social and internal recruit videos
Highlighting EMVCR:
A corporate video made to highlight EMVCR's work done throughout the year of 2018.
Strategic Content Team Explained: This video's intention is to explain to its clients what the team at QFES does.

Career highlights and the story of how I got to where I am.

Take this an an opportunity to grab a snack or some coffee because this is needlessly long.

Early 2017
Started studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Queensland University of Technology, Majoring in Film and Screens & Minoring in CGI Animation.

And reluctantly started working at Red Rooster.
Late 2017
Started an internship at Queensland Fire & Emergency Services as an assistant producer.
Early 2018
Started ao4 level role at QFES as a Producer & worked on the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Traveling between Brisbane and the Gold Coast to capture vision of the lead up to the Commonwealth games. Following the games I edited a long form informational video for the Australian Government to contribute to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Late 2018
Quit working at Red Rooster to focus on freelancing.
Portrait of Robert

“Keep your dead chickens”

Robert, ex-employee of Red Rooster

Early 2019
Won the 'Project Excellence' award at the 2019 CareerTrackers for my work during the 2018-2019 Bush Fires.
Mid 2019
Got creative to highlight the past 12 months of the EMVCR

A corporate style video made to highlight EMVCR's work done throughout the year of 2018 to 2019. Animated titles and images keep the video fresh until the video ends on a more emotional note with the 2018/2019 QLD Bushfires.

Late 2019
Fully lead a project to highlight the strategic media team at QFES

From scripting, interviewing and all the way to filming and editing. This was the first project I manned the wheel at 100%, all steps along the way.

Mid 2020
Planned and conducted QFES' 2020 NAIDOC campaign.

A series of Facebook posts and a video to tell the stories of five Indigenous employees across the different departments during NAIDOC week.

Late 2020
Starts working with Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council to construct a video presentation to Rio Tinto and LGAQ.
Commences work at Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.
Early 2021
Graduates Queensland University of Technology with a completed Bachelor.
Late 2021
Co-founded Halftone Digital with Sasha Hickson

And now you're all caught up, just incase you're unsure though;

See more about the Project here